Since “Nõod” and “node” are homonymous,
it refers the node within a network or an intersection within a diagram.

On the other hand, Nõod is the trademark of a group of companies, which was established by two cousins with the aim of making design and contracting by combining their experiences in the sector.

M. Hakkı Karakapıcı has completed his bachelorship at the Ecole d’Architecture De La Villette PARIS and Celal Bayar University Department of Civil Engineering and continued his career. He had been engaged in works of industrial buildings, private interior design applications, housing, hotels, restaurants etc..

A. Levent Hamavioğlu, completed his bachelorship at the Yeditepe University and continued his postgraduate education at Yıldız Technical University, Computer Aided Architecture Department. He carried out many architectural designs and where he combined the technology with design applications.

Designing is a set of minor or major touches that allow people to enjoy more of the environment in which they live and achieve more functional gains.

When we started to design, we prioritize their lifestyles and demands in our journey with our employers. We give life to the designs we have dreamed by reflecting our own experience and point of view in the projecting process. Contract is a whole of organizations that require a great synergy, experience and dedication. In line with the demands of the employers, we are realizing the project designed with optimum time, cost and labor savings.



Nõod Design Contract is an architecture firm so we serve architectural and interior projects to our clients. In both case you can take a closer look to our portfolio.


Design is a vision that we think about our clients’ necessities for their comfortable living.After this period we want to build our thoughts for clients with right budget in optimum time.


First step is designing an architectural concept project and preparing application projects for our clients.